The 5th Youth Summit of EYP Cyprus targets individuals between the ages of 18 and 25. This Year it will take place on the 19th-13rd July 2019 at the University of Cyprus, under the theme Science and Technology: Paving the way to the future. 

Technology is progressing and scientific knowledge is expanding faster than ever before. The European Union is in the middle of a rapidly changing and dynamic social ecosystem, faced by paradigm shifts, ethical dilemmas and tensions in the political environment. The rise of artificial intelligence calls everyone to the table for discussion: entrepreneurs, ethics committees, governments, clinicians, scientists, citizens. Access to information and rights to privacy fuel the debates of many young people, while scientific progress brings novel cancer treatments, revolutionising the healthcare sector. The food industry is facing immense pressures and is constantly challenged by public opinions and legislation. Finally, climate change is calling for action whilst driving research and development. To stand any realistic hope of tackling challenges, policy, science and technology need to stay a step ahead of the game. And what better way to do this than bringing enthusiastic, passionate and highly-motivated individuals to collaborate, learn and discuss about the possible future steps of the european union.

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