The European Youth Parliament Cyprus organises various events aimed both at: engaging young people who have never participated in the activities of our organisation before; and activities which aim to include and engage past alumni, and broaden their skills.

Through its sessions the EYP aims at promoting active European citizenship intercultural dialogue and European values. Sessions increase the participants’ knowledge about Europe’s cultural diversity, prepare them for active participation in society, contribute to the development of their personal skill and provide a forum for debate and reflection on current topics of European politics

The main type of event in the European Youth Parliament (EYP) are conferences, referred to as ‘Sessions’ and compromising 3 elements: Teambuilding, Committee Work, and the General Assembly.

In EYP Cyprus, we also strive to include further activities within our Sessions, in order to ensure that participants’ attendance is as academically stimulating, and engaging as possible. Below is a summary of the main elements of our organisation’s sessions.

Main Elements of an EYP Cyprus Session’

TEAMBUILDING: During Teambuilding, the participants, in their respective committees, get to know each other through a series of activities and games. These games are designed to both foster a pleasant, group atmosphere and challenge participants through problem-solving.

COMMITTEE WORK: The participants are divided into international working groups (committees) that draft resolutions on current political issues. Throughout Committee Work, the delegates analyse the topic of their committee, identify the problems surrounding it and discuss solutions to these issues. The output of Committee Work is a written resolution, which includes the Committee’s original suggestions for tackling these problems.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The last part of every session is a General Assembly (GA). In GA, the committees come together to present and debate the resolutions they wrote. In the end, the resolutions are put to a vote.