The National Session is the flagship event of EYP Cyprus. Every summer, around 150 delegates from schools selected through the Pre-Selection Days, have the opportunity to participate in a full, four-day EYP Session. Delegations from other European countries are also often invited to participate in EYP Cyprus’ annual National Session


11th National Session

10th National Session

9th National Session

8th National Session

7th National Session

6th National Session

5th National Session

2nd National Session

1st National Session


Session Elements

Main Elements

Team Building

Committee Work

General Assembly

 Additional Elements

Discussing Europe’: Experts from various fields relating to the Session’s theme are invited to lead workshops and discussions on the topic of their expertise. All Session participants are asked to choose a topic of their preference and subsequently take part in workshops led by the expert. This session element concludes with all participants and experts convening in a plenary session to sum-up the most important points of discussion from their respective group.

Eurovillage: Cultural exchange is an important aspect of what we do, and the Eurovillage reflects just that! Participants are asked to bring along traditional food, clothing and other items from an assigned European country. Moreover, foreign delegations are also asked to bring along unique treats and items from their countries of origin. In this way, participants get to experience the cultural diversity of Europe through a fun evening.

Euroconcert: The Euroconcert is an opportunity for participants to display their hidden talents on stage! The night is always full of surprises, as participants cheer each other on and enjoy each other’s performances.