The European Youth Parliament is possibly the most outstanding non-formal educational project your students can experience. The academic, political, social and emotional implications are guaranteed to enhance their education and personal maturation to a very gratifying extent. They benefit, your school benefits, their family, their peers and you as teachers as their mentors gain so much.   As teachers, you play a vital role in supporting your students before, during and after EYP Sessions. During a National Session, your students will participate in a nation-wide event so to participate in the International Sessions of the EYP. EYP Sessions both on the national and international level also include a tailored programme for teachers. This usually includes thematic workshops, networking between teachers and a sightseeing programme.   If you are interested in joining an EYP Session with your school, get in contact with us, the National Committee of EYP Cyprus for more information. You will find a group of motivated EYP volunteers willing to help introduce you and your students to the wide array of possibilities that EYP offers on national and international levels.



EYP Cyprus 7 - join us


Come join us in the European Youth Parliament!

EYP will be interesting for you, if you:

  • Are young
  • Are currently studying at high school in Cyprus
  • You have an interest in issues that affect the society we
    live in
  • Are open-minded and curious to discover alternative views, experience other cultures and meet new people
  • You like to have fun!



Want to become an EYP Cyprus Member?

All delegates that participated at any National Session of EYP Cyprus and the Youth Summits of EYP Cyprus automatically become EYP Cyprus Alumni and only alumnus are entitled to register as a member of EYP Cyprus. To register you must fill in the EYP Cyprus membership form and pay an annual fee of 15 euro.

By becoming a member of EYP Cyprus, you will be on the EYP Cyprus mailing list and will consequently be receiving all information regarding EYP activities in other countries, the newsletter with all of EYP Cyprus updates, as well as all the emails about upcoming EYP Cyprus events and how to apply.

It is required that you become a member in order to participate in any EYP Cyprus events, such as the Pre-selection days and the National Session. The most important point is that if you wish to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to vote or stand at the elections for the EYP Cyprus Committee, you need to be a registered member.

Registration as a member may take place at any point during the year; there is no deadline and all memberships end on the 30th November of the year that you registered. However, delegates of the most recent national session of every year can register as a member between the months of September and November after the session, and their membership will be continued till the 30 November of the following year.

How to become a member

• Request a Membership Form by emailing
• Send 15 euro with the attached document to:

European Youth Parliament Cyprus
PO Box 42253
6532 Larnaca

What others say about EYP

An expression of intercultural diversity, formal political issues and a general fun experience, that raises awareness and furthermore bonds pleasure and business, which is highly appreciated by the delegates.
Delegate, 17, Switzerland
I’ve learned more in 10 days of EYP than in 15 years of school.
Delegate, 18, Italy


An invaluable education, an unforgettable journey, and an incredible experience.
Delegate, 17, Ireland
Rediscovering Europe as a whole and the European in me.
Delegate, 16, Cyprus