The European Youth Parliament is possibly the most outstanding non-formal educational project your students can experience!

Participation in EYP events can greatly improve students’ academic and social skills. Students are given a unique opportunity to research and discover the multiplicities and implications of important current issues in a constructive and fun environment. You, as their mentors, get to guide them through this process.

As teachers, you play a vital role in supporting your students before, during and after EYP Sessions.

The first step to a school’s journey in the EYP are the Pre-Selection Days, where a delegation will represent your school. During the Pre-Selection Days, students will have to prepare their resolutions before the session, whilst during the National Session, they will participate in a nation-wide event, with the potential of being selected to represent Cyprus in one of the three International Sessions.

As their guides, you will be able to join them on this journey and engage in intercultural exchange at the same time, too!

EYP Sessions both on the national and international level also include a tailored programme for teachers. These usually comprise of: thematic workshops, networking between teachers, and a sightseeing programme.

Interested in having your school join EYP Cyprus next year? Email our National Coordinator(s) for more information!


Come join the European Youth Parliament!

EYP is beneficial for all students and young professionals, as an activity which broadens your horizons, strengthens a multitude of key skills and prepares you for your academic, or professional future.

Every young person with an open mind, an interest in current affairs, and a curiosity to discover other cultures will fit right in with us at the EYP.

In order to participate in an EYP Cyprus session, you either need to be part of a school delegation, or attend a session as an individual delegate.

In order for your school to participate in an EYP Cyprus event, representatives of your institution will need to contact the National Committee.

In the meantime, keep an eye out on our Facebook page (to see if an individual call for delegates is open).

Have you already participated in an EYP Session in the past?

All delegates that participate in either the National Session or Youth Summit of EYP Cyprus automatically become EYP Cyprus Alumni and are subsequently entitled to register as a member of EYP Cyprus.

By becoming a member of EYP Cyprus, you will be on the EYP Cyprus mailing list and will consequently be receiving all information regarding EYP activities in other countries, the newsletter with all of EYP Cyprus updates, as well as all the emails about upcoming EYP Cyprus events and how to apply.

It is required that you become a member in order to participate in any EYP Cyprus events, such as the Pre-selection days and the National Session. The most important point is that if you wish to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to vote or stand for election on the EYP Cyprus National Committee, you need to be a registered member.

Registration as a member may take place at any point during the year; there is no deadline and all memberships end on the 30th November of the year that you registered. However, delegates of the most recent national session of every year can register as a member between the months of September and November after the session, and their membership will be continued until the 30 November of the following year.

If you want to be registered, you can complete and sign the EYP Cyprus Membership Form 2018 and send it (alongside the membership fee of 15 euros) to:
PO Box 42253 | 6532 Larnaca | Cyprus

If you have any questions about registering as a member, you can drop us an email and we’ll get it sorted!