The EYP Cyprus National Committee is an elected body made up of seven alumni members. National Committee mandates run for two years and candidates stand for election at the Annual General Meeting, held every year in December. All EYP Cyprus registered members are entitled to vote and stand for election. Each elected National Committee appoints one National Coordinator who is responsible for the international expansion of EYP Cyprus as well as liaison with the EYP International Office.

The National Committee is in charge for the day to day running of all EYP Cyprus events, such as the National Sessions, Youth Summits, Pre-selection Days and  various other events and trainings. It is generally responsible for expanding the work of EYP in Cyprus.

Elena Odysseos

Margarita Samouridou
Vice President

Agni Papageorgiou

Orestis Collins

Paris Pavlos Petrallis
Members and Alumni Officer

Michalis Dalmiras
Communications Officer


Mikaela Kantor
National Co-ordinator

Helena Pierides
Assistant National Co-ordinator