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The time has come; we are thrilled to announce the Chairs Team of the 10th National Session of EYP Cyprus! It is our honor to work with these 18 amazing individuals whom will work endlessly to make this an unforgettable experience for the delegates and everyone involved in such a celebratory event!

Welcome on board and get excited for an intense summer session!

Annmarie Kiiskinen (FI)

Jakob Gutschlhofer (AT)
Panagiotis Orfanakos (GR)
Emiljio Jazxhi (AL)

Konstantinos Andronikidis (GR)
Vasileios Mornto (GR)
Nikola Vranes (RS)
Tereza Vozenilkova (CZ)
Stella Celine Kim (DE)
Carlos Severo Esteban (ES)
Dmytro Zinchuk (UA)
Evelina Hannikainen (FI)
Ioanna Droussiotou (CY)
Georgie Alexandrou (CY)
Agni Papageorgiou (CY)
Paris Pavlos Petrallis (CY)
Michelle Chorattidou (CY)
Michaella Pishia (CY)

We are also proud to announce the editors of the 10th National Session of EYP Cyprus, Katerina Stavri (CY/GR) and Dimitris Davris (GR). Join their Media Team and be part of something new, something big, something different, don’t forget the call for Editorial Assistant, Video Editor and Journalists is still open!

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