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The National Committee of EYP Cyprus is delighted to announce that the call for Organisers for the 3rd Youth Summit and the 10th National Session is now open.

Organisers are the backbone of any EYP session. The work of an organiser begins months prior to the session and ends once all organisational aspects have been taken care of, therefore as an organiser you would be responsible for pre-, during and post-session work. Responsibilities include securing sponsorships, organising logistics prior to the session, attending meetings and trainings and running tasks allocated for the event, from the registration of delegates and officials to the last coffee break. As such, the role of an organiser bears a lot of responsibility and commitment, nonetheless it is both very enjoyable and rewarding as it undeprins the overall quality of the session.

Applications are now open for two of our upcoming summer events:
-The 3rd Youth Summit – 28-31st of July 2016
Head-Organised by Irene Iacovidou and Aria Louis

-The 10th National Session – 23-27th of August 2016
Head-Organised by Mikaella Christodoulides and Rafaella Constantinou

Apply here: https://goo.gl/Sz2gzT

Please note that the application for Organisers is only open to EYP Cyprus Alumni.

Applications for other Official positions for both events will open at a later date.

Deadline: Friday, 1st of April at midnight (CET).

Good luck with your application!

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



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