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If you want to be part of an incredible summer weekend, immersed in EYP teambuilding activities, exhilarating discussions and fruitful debating then make sure you send your application for the 2nd Youth Summit of EYP Cyprus no later than 1st May 2015.

The 2nd Youth Summit is set to take place between 24 – 26 July in Nicosia and will welcome 90 participants from all over Europe and Cyprus. It targets young individuals aged 18-23  and it is an opportunity to become part of one of the largest European platforms for youth participation and discussion – the European Youth Parliament.

Further information on how to submit your application can be found below.

All you need to do is get a frappé, put your thinking hat on and start typing up your application. It will surely be an experience like no other!!

See you in July!


Applications for delegates are now open!!

The applications for Delegates at the 2nd Youth Summit of EYP Cyprus are now open and will remain open until the end of April.

For all those who are interested in applying please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions for applicants found attached before you submit an application.

The Application Form can also be found below.

If you are unsure whether your are eligible to apply please do not hesitate to contact us at youthsummit@eypcyprus.com.

Terms and Conditions

Application Form

Following the 1st Youth Summit’s outstanding success held last year in July, a session which welcomed 53 Cypriot delegates and 18 national and international officials, this year we aim to give even more young people the EYP experience by organising the 2nd Youth Summit of EYP Cyprus.

What is the 2nd Youth Summit?

In a few words the 2nd Youth Summit is a unique, life changing experience!

It is the opportunity for all those who are interested in taking part in the activities of the European Youth Parliament Cyprus to get involved, to form opinions and discuss current, crucial matters that concern our society.

The Youth Summit targets young Cypriot residents aged 18 – 23 who did not have the opportunity to take part in EYP during their time in school. It is a unique experience for students and young professionals to participate in full EYP activities and be integrated into the network of EYP Cyprus. The 2nd Youth Summit of EYP Cyprus will take place from 24th-26th July 2015, in Nicosia. The Summit will last three days and will host 90 participants, including officials from various European countries.

What will the Summit include?

The 2nd Youth Summit of EYP Cyprus will include all three traditional parts of an EYP Session:

  • Teambuilding: Delegates get acquainted with each other and start improving the group dynamics of the committee. They play different games which are meant to bring the delegates from an initial shyness stage to a comfortable, open atmosphere optimal for efficient Committee work.
  • Committee Work: During this time the delegates discuss an unsettled topic on current European political matters and jointly draft a resolution on how to deal with the issue.
  • General Assembly: All committees come together to debate their resolutions and approve them through a voting procedure.

In addition, the Summit will include a workshop on the workings of the European Youth Parliament and advice on how to apply for sessions abroad.

When can I apply?

The application procedure will open on 1st April 2015 and will remain open for approximately 4 weeks.

The application form will be published on our website www.eypcyprus.com . We encourage you to keep an eye out on our website as well as our Facebook pages at EYP Cyprus and 2nd Youth Summit of EYP Cyprus. The application form will be available on both platforms and should you have any further questions or clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us.

Selection Procedure

Applicants will be selected based on the content of their application. The selection panel is made up of the President of the Session, members of the National Committee of EYP Cyprus and the Head-Organiser of the Session. We are looking for highly motivated young people with a keen interest in politics and current European affairs.

Please read the criteria that participants must meet in order to attend the session, which can be found here: 2nd Youth Summit of EYP CY – Terms of Participation .

What is the Participation Fee?

All session participants are required to pay a participation fee of approximately 40 Euros (final price to be confirmed at a later stage) that will cover all general costs for the three days, those including accommodation at a hotel in Nicosia (for Friday & Saturday night), all meals and coffee breaks, venue costs and transportation expenses between venues.

Please note that participants need to be present during all days of the session and that they are required to stay at the accommodation arranged by EYP Cyprus. Failure to do so will not allow them to participate at the event.

I want to know more!

For any further information about EYP Cyprus or specifically about this event make sure you follow us on Facebook for all updates or contact us at youthsummit@eypcyprus.com.

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