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t the AGM held on the 27 December, the members of EYP Cyprus elected the new national committee. Following our constitution, every year there are three positions available on the committee, with Lefteris Marangos, Mikaela Kantor and Peter Ataou all having fulfilled their two year term. This year Maria Pashi and Maria Iordannous decided to step down from their respective positions, while Lefteris Marangos and Valentina Mina chose not to seek re-election. This meant that existing members Mikaela Kantor and Panayiotis were to re-run for election alongside Arriana Yiallourides, Maya Athanatou, Aaron Coatsworth and George Santis for one of the five positions available. Following a close vote, the following members were elected to the board in the following positions for two year terms (unless stated otherwise below), alongside Ioanna Yiallourides who still had one year left of her term, while Maria Pashi was jointly appointed by the new and old board as the new National Coordinator for EYP Cyprus.

President: Mikaela Kantor

Vice-president: Panayiotis Ataou

Secretary: Aaron Miles Coatsworth (one-year term)

Treasurer: Ioanna Yiallourides

Fundraising Officer: George Santis (one-year term)

Public Relations Officer: Arriana Yiallourides

National Coordinator: Maria Pashi

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