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The EYP Cyprus Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 27 December 2012, at the Central Offices of the Bank of Cyprus in Nicosia. There was a particularly high turnout of former delegates from the 6th National Session which was held late summer. This proved once again how successful the session was this year and how EYP Cyprus continues to maintain and promote youth interest in European politics and activities.

The National Committee gave an enlightening presentation on behalf of all its members, as its Public Relations Officer Mikaela Kantor and Treasurer Panayiotis Ataou were not present due to their academic obligations abroad. In addition to reviewing its achievements over the last twelve months on the Pre-selection 2012 and the 6th National Session, it also informed its new members of future EYP events that are to be held in the forthcoming year. The Pre-selection Days 2013, the 7th National Session as well as the Chairs Training for Cypriot Alumni have already started preparations. The board also presented the details of the budget for the 2012 year, which was approved unanimously by all new members of EYP Cyprus. Valentina Mina, National Coordinator, gave an update of EYP in an international level and presented the outcome of the last Board of National Committees (BNC) meeting.

Maria Iordanous and Valenina Mina took the opportunity to put forward the proposition to make Robert Voelzer and Effie Mantralis Honourable Member and Honourable President respectively as a token of appreciation for their services and contributions to EYP Cyprus over the years. All members of EYP Cyprus unanimously voted the proposition in favour.

Finally the President announced the Head organisers of the upcoming events as well as the date and location of each event.

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