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Dear all EYP’ers,

the countdown for the 6th National Session of the European Youth Parliament Cyprus is officially ON (30 days and counting backwards!).
We know you have all been waiting for this session for months now, and you already have strategically planned various techniques on how to meet other interesting EYP’ers from all over Cyprus but also from other European countries!

We are pleased to announce that we are currently taking the very last steps as regards the organisation of the session and all we are waiting for is the 30th August to meet you all at the Heritage School, in Limassol.

Here are a few last tips regarding the session.

Cypriot and International Officials: For you the session begins on 29th August – lucky you !!

All officials will need to arrive at the hotel (Episkopiana Hotel in Episkopi) for the check in by 12:00 on Wednesday, 29th of August.

Delegates and accompanying Teachers: You are to arrive at Episkopiana Hotel on 30th August between 13:00 – 14:00 the absolute latest, for the student registration and check in.

We remind you that all delegates should bring with them THREE passport-size photos.

This year’s theme of the session is “Solidarity: tying European knots for a Better Europe”.

All delegates are required to make a brief research as regards the session’s theme in order to be able to participate at the ‘Discussing Europe’ event, to be held on Saturday 2nd September.

Honorable guests from various EU Institutions in Cyprus and abroad will be hosting this discussion event, thus participation from all delegates is regarded as necessary. The three topics which will be discussed at this event are as follows:

  • Topic 1: Priorities of the Cyprus Presidency ‘Towards a Better Europe’
  • Topic 2: Euro crisis: The meaning of solidarity in the Eurozone
  • Topic 3: European Year for Active Ageing & Solidarity between Generations

Delegates are also reminded that they should bring with them at the session all their research regarding their Topic.

According to which Committee you have been allocated you have a respective Topic to look at. Please refer to your Topic and Committee Allocations Kit which was sent out earlier in the year. Need you have any enquiries please contact us at nationalsession@eypcyprus.com.

Partying at EYP sessions is also one of the participants’ favourite part.

We would like to draw your attention at two special evenings: Theme Party, held on Thursday night, 31st August. The theme for this year is : Hard Rock.

You are encouraged to be creative as regards your outfit for this event ! EYP’s Got Talent For all of those artists out there, EYP is now giving you the chance to shine!

If you can sing/dance/act/play a musical instrument or anything else of that sort, then make sure you prepare a special performance for EYP.

EYP’s Got Talent is an evening that gives the opportunity to all of you to show off your special talent, in front of the best audience you can ever have; your friends and fellow EYPers. So start rehearsing and make sure you bring with you any essentials that you’ll need (music/costumes/props, etc.).

Join our Facebook group! (Search EYP Cyprus) Arrive at Episkopiana Hotel on time. Hard Rock outfit. Any EYP’s Got Talent essentials. Research for Topic and ‘Discussing Europe’. Bring Sun-­‐cream! – Lets avoid the lobster coloured skin! Enthusiasm, energy, EYP spirit !!

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